Southern Stories Episode 5-Devin Balentine

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Devin Balentine

In this episode, Aaron and Derek interview Devin Balentine who talks about his life growing up in both Mississippi and Arkansas. He discusses everything from playing soldiers with friends and wrecking go carts to his time in the high school band and his exposure to marijuana. Finally, Devin tells a uniquely Southern Story about farm life and discusses his future as a family man and electrician. In addition, Aaron, Derek, and Devin engage in a discussion about the dos and don’ts of chewing tobacco, its southern connection, and its potentially unpleasant consequences.

Southern Stories Episode 4- Grant Larkins

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Grant LarkinsGrant Larkins discusses his move from a small Southern community to a burgeoning town, the difference between the two, and how they have affected his life. He tells Aaron and Derek of his family life and the roles that both his father and step-father have played in his development and eventual decision to follow a military career path. Ultimately grant considers the influence the South has had on him and contemplates what the future has in store.

Additionally, Aaron and Derek briefly discuss their own ideas about the military, Aaron hears the unexciting tale of how Derek injured his hand, and they both try to determine who is responsible for a missing episode of Southern Stories.

Southern Stories Episode 3-Terry Richmond

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Terry Richmond

This week’s guest, Terry Richmond, talks about his life growing up in Central Arkansas through the 60s and 70s. He talks of relationships, the changing Southern landscape, and the Southern delicacy that is cornbread and buttermilk. Terry tells of life’s hardships from losing a child to a motor vehicle accident that changed him mentally and physically. Ultimately, Terry offers insights on dealing with life’s twists and turns all while showing pride in his Arkansas heritage.
In addition, Aaron and Derek briefly discuss their own stomping grounds in Benton, AR and make an appeal to Southern moms to join the conversation and tell their Southern Stories. Those interested can contact Aaron and Derek at or message them on Facebook at Bear and Giraffe.

Southern Stories Episode 2-Joe Musteen

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20141014_172319In this week’s episode, Aaron and Derek talk with Joe Musteen, a central Arkansas native who grew up on sports and the outdoors. Among a host of other things, Joe talks about the role of sports in the South and how it affected his development, personality, and even fatherhood. He takes the conversation further off the beaten path when he tells of an unconventional (and deeply Southern) way to pay for medical care. In addition, Aaron and Derek talk about why there are neither bears nor giraffes in this podcast. They also touch on their own personal relationship with sports (Spoiler: it’s not a strong one).

Southern Stories Episode 1-John Griggs

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In this inaugural episode, Aaron and Derek talk with family man, John Griggs, and discuss his life in small town Arkansas, the roles of parents in the South, what it really means to be a “man,” and how not to hunt a deer. In addition, Aaron and Derek explain how they came up with the idea for Southern Stories and develop a new reason for wearing headphones.

With John Griggs